Our experience at Pee Dee Comic Con 2018

What great local convention to go to. We would first like to extend a great thanks to Todd Pletcher and the rest of the staff for having us there and showing us around. They really did a great job organizing the event for the community.  

Our goal was to meet people in the gaming community and network with other artists with awesome ideas and stuff to offer. 

Walking around the convention’s vendor area we noticed there were a lot of cool stuff available for sale, as well as the opportunity to meet some local celebrities. You could find everything, from comic book (boy, there were a lot of comic books!), medieval theme attire, dice, board games, unique and interesting art, and much more. 

We did find a few of those vendors quite interesting and we wanted to tell you all about them. They are talented individuals, with cool ideas and a lot of talent.  

The first couple I would like to talk about are Southern Celebrations, ran by Jim and his wife. They have these awesome art ceramic pieces with all sorts of iconography and designs that will really catch your eye. We got a few ourselves! They‘ve been working on these art ceramic pieces for the last couple of years and together, with the help of their children, have been going to conventions offering them. Check out their storefront in Bishopville, SC and on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Southerncelebrationsaj/  

Another great artist we met was Matthew Jones, running a company called Akachi Comics and Books. He and his family have these cool comic books with very interesting stories, the one that grabbed my attention was of this girl who can control Zombies. I think I can get behind that when it comes out. He has a Kickstarter coming out around mid-October for one of his stories called VoidBeast. Check them out at http://www.akachicomics.com/ 

Taking a left at the entrance to the convention area, we found an awesome and very talented artist, Chelsea Penny, who was working on a little owl piece made of chainmail. She runs Forge of the Phoenix making these cool chainmail pieces for you to wear at conventions or anywhere you want. One of the most impressive pieces she had on display at the con was of this Bikini top made completely out of chainmail! Really awesome stuff. Looking at it closely I could see all the detail and dedication it took to make. Super talented! She attends local convention in the Carolinas. Check out her website if you want to know more about what she does and what she can do for you. https://www.forgeofthephoenix.com/ 

We also had the opportunity to meet another talented artist, who focused her time in whimsical art. Emily was showcasing art pieces such as a milk carton on the floor crying its eyes out called “Spoiled Milk” and other cool pieces like that. The art piece showcased was called “Pug Bun”. If you want to see her art, check out her gallery @eequalsmca and @eequalsmcaart

We had a great time at the con and will surely come back next year. We hope you can join us there as well. Like these artists, there were many others that we hope become as successful as they wish to be. We wish them the best of luck!

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