Gravity Warfare™

The most nerve-wracking dexterity board game yet! 

For ages 14+

45 - 60 Min

2 - 6 Players

How to play

Step 1

Assemble the self-balancing platform

Step 2

Each player chooses a color set of pieces

Step 3

Decide Winning Condition

Step 4

Give every player a Guardian Card

Step 5

Randomly pick Alien Hero Card.

Step 6

Each Player starts with 5 points

Step 7

Deal 5 playing cards to all players

Step 8

Choose first player and start the game

Reviews & Testimonials

Check out what people say about Gravity Warfare™ – Gaming on a Whole New Level™! We have reviews for avid gamers, convention attendees and game reviewers. Enjoy!

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Gravity Warfare (10:20)

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