DOCE™ brings an unexpected challenge to the table

DOCE™ is a 1v1, tactical and strategic dice placement game where players take turns placing a die on any available space on the playing board (or grid) with the goal of making a line of 4 dice that equal 12. Easy, right? Not quite. 

This game is the epitome of “easier said than done”. With the set of rules we have in play and with any smart opponent this game is bound to get you to think 2 – 3 moves ahead to win the game. Are you up to the challenge?  

We brought some friends to play our newest dice game DOCE for a casual play testing tournament where the winner takes home a DOCE Trophy.

This Friday we hosted a barbeque game night for our friends to eat some bratwurst dogs and have a chance to be the first people to play DOCE. Before I move on to talk about the tournament, I would like to extend a big thanks to those who participated in the tournament of a game theyd never played before. Thank you! =D 

This, being the first tournament we host for the game, served as training for us to see how the game behaved with different styles of play and how to host tournaments at our upcoming conventions. We were pleasantly surprised on how well the game played and the amount of attention and competitiveness the game brought to the table. We are stoked to do this again and with many more players. 

This tournament was quite exciting. The two finalists, our friends Cesar and Mike, had a great head-to-head in the final round with the jumbo-sized version of the game, just to add a little more excitement to the match. 

Even though they were both great players and we got to witness some great moves and combos for the game, there could only be one winner in this tournament. After a very intense match (mostly because everyone was watching their every move) Mike took the win with only a 2point lead. Congratulations Mike! We hope you display that trophy proudly and bragging rights are in effect!


We will be doing more of these small playtesting tournaments at local game shops around Charleston, SC if you want a chance to win a trophy for yourself, as well as some goodies we will offer. But, more importantly, we will be running tournaments with 1st and 2nd place winners at upcoming conventions.  

We’re still in the planning stage with the staff of these conventions to be able to run tournaments, but it is very likely we will host them at MACE, SCARAB, Whose turn is it anyway?, and perhaps more later on! Subscribe to our newsletter to know more about the game and upcoming events and for your chance to win a blue play tester trophy or the gold (1st place) and silver (2nd place) tournament trophy. 

Everything considered, this turned out to be a great game and it lends itself very well for this type of event. We hope you’re able to participate and win at one of our upcoming tournaments.  

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  1. Bring this to Piedmont Triad’s International TableTop Day.

    1. For sure! =D

  2. Why wasn’t I invited?

    1. It was our first trial tournament.. but you are always invited! =D If you want, we can get some interested people together and do a friendly one at Atl GameFest.

      1. Jealous!! 🙂

  3. That sounds great!

  4. Tournaments coming soon to Spain!

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