Game Submission Process

If you have a great new board game idea, read the instructions below to find out how you can make it a reality through us.

Phase 1

Email you game idea to Mygameidea

Phase 2

The Smart Iguana Games Team will review your submission and check it for awesomeness.

Phase 3

If we like your game we will contact you to request a prototype of the game to playtest.

Phase 1 - Tell us about it

Email us at along with the following information:

  • Description of the game: expalin to us (as you would a friend) what the game is all about: how to play, theme (if any) and goal.
  • A quick runthrough of a round of gameplay.
  • The specification of the game: how many players? Length of gameplay, and recommended age range.

A great way to make yourself and your game understood is to make a short video of yourself (cellphones are great to use here) explaining the game, the game rules, components, etc. This will allow us to have a better understanding on the concept of your game if the description didn’t take.

Age Range

We really like simple to medium weight games for the casual gamer.

Game Length

Keep the game length preferably under 2 hours.


Solo games, 2 to 4/6 players, or 2+ player for party games.

Phase 2 - We'll think about it

The Smart Iguana Games Team will review your submission and evaluate if it is something we are interested in pursuing.

Your submission or idea for a game will go through the same process our idea go through. We use our own screening process to find out if a game idea we come up with is worth pursuing.


We'll see what you're made of! =D

Phase 3 - We want MORE!

If the Smart Iguana Games Team decides to go for your design, we will contact you to move forward in the process, which includes sending us a complete and playable prototype. 

Ship Prototype

Send us a complete and playable prototype.

More Screening

Checking for design, balance and playability.

Phase 4 - Signing up

At this stage, we are excited about your game design and want to pursue its further development and production. 

We will contact you to meet in person and talk about what your goals are and how we can help you achieve those goals.

All documentation and legal stuff happen here.

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