Who We Are

We are a big family that has grown into a business dedicated to designing and developing new board games. Fortunately enough, each of us has developed experience in a field that is necessary to succeed in any business, especially one like Smart Iguana Games, LLC.

Fields such as: Art, crafts, paint and sculpture, modern 3D Graphics design, business management and administration, and more importantly, years and years of playing and studying board games trying to compete and win against each other.

All these attributes give us the ability to create new and innovative games, develop them both intellectually and graphically, with top quality art, as well as making our own prototypes and handling the manufacturing logistics and bring them to you.


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Meet The Team


Luis Machado

Electronic Engineer and Master Carpenter with decades of experience in woodworking and design, from Kitchen cabinets to artisan and children’s toys. Extensive experience with CNC (Computer Numeric Control), router machinery and 3D design.


Amelia de Machado

Created and Managed a woodcraft business in my home country of Venezuela for 7 yeas, obtaining the necessary skills, motivation and creativity to make this company a success. Developed ample experience in Small Business Administration and Personel Management acting as General Manager of ArteCrea, C.A.


Danny Machado

Twenty something years old, I proudly served in the US Navy for 6 years. Developed the intellect and discipline to succeed at anything I put my mind to. Studied Criminal Justice and Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. Graduated with honors – Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude respectively.


Ismael Machado

4th of the litter, 30yrs old. Expert in the fields of 3D design (ArchViz, Graphic Design, Animation, Industrial Design and Special FX) and have worked in many locations such as Latin America, US, Australia and Spain. With this experience, there is not much I’m not able to do in my fields of work with Degrees in Urban Planning and Game Development.


Adriana Machado

The youngest of the six, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Madrid, Spain with more than 10 years in Plastic Arts and Design experience. Worked as an Art Assistant for well-known artist such as Clara Graziolino and Maria Torne.


Luis Machado (Jr)

Graduated from Chemical Engineering but still a kid at heart! My best memories are when playing board games with my brohters, sister and cousins as a kid. I’m exploring my creative side and I’ts very exciting to be part of this family business that keeps the little kid in me alive. Fun fact: I also studied cuisine and opened my own, and very successful, restaurant in Paris, France called Aji Dulce. Check it out here! XD https://www.ajidulce.fr/


Miguel Machado

Mechanical Engineer with plenty of experience in designing mechanical systems. Worked with several engineering teams attaining remarkable, improving my leadership and management capabilities. Continously looking for way to make the work process more efficient. If it’s not perfect, it’s not concluded.


Gaby Machado

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Process Management and IT Project Analyst, I bring a lot to offer to the family company, like facilitating technological solutions. I enjoy playing and making competitive board games with the family.

Where we live

Our Commitment to You

Vision and Mission Statement

The vision of Smart Iguana Games, LLC is to bring innovative and creative “out of the box” ideas, make them into board games and provide them to you.

Our Core Values

Committed to treat all people, employees and customers with integrity and respect as well as having an “Above and beyond” standard for customer service and quality.
Bringing fresh ideas, flawlessly produce and manufacture them and seamlessly introduce it to you.
Committed to upholding and exceeding business ethical and moral standards.

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